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   At Core Consulting Solutions, we offer a variety of solutions to assist you with the business operations that keep you from running your company more efficiently. With over 15 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience, as well as many certification in accounting software and Microsoft products, you are in good hands with Core Consulting Solutions.

   Core Consulting Solutions was founded with the small to medium size business in mind. We realize that the time taken to complete tasks will take away from your day-to-day operations and away from your company’s goals.

   Core Consulting Solutions is offers a comprehensive solution to meet the diverse needs of a small business. We are here for you to start working on whatever projects you need assistance with. We understand that as a small business you cannot hire someone permanently to complete many of the tasks that you need help with, therefore Core Consulting Solutions was founded.



Dawn Merli
Founder and Principal

   Dawn Merli founded Core Consulting Solutions in 2018. She has nearly 15 years’ experience in many Accounting and finance roles.

   Prior to starting Core Consulting Solutions, Dawn was the Procurement and Inventory Manager for a Global Corporation. She also had roles as Revenue Manager, Staff Accountant, Tax Preparer, and Bookkeeper. She has an extensive background in management, streamlining processes, and many accounting software platforms. Many of these corporations where she worked started as a medium size company and over time have grown to a much larger corporation.  While in each of these roles, streamlining and efficiency has been key to success of these now larger corporations. Additionally, she is certified with Intuit QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Pro, Virtual Assistant, as well as Microsoft Office Specialist.

   Core Consulting Solutions began when seeing the need of many small to medium size business to increase efficiency and allow business owners to excel in their field, not worry about maintaining the books or administrative sides of their business.

   Dawn has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Central Connecticut State University and an associates degree in Business Management from Northwestern Connecticut Community College.


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